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The rules of golf had some major ammendments done this year! This year's changes were made with the intenton of promoting good speed of play and more enjoyment for golfers--something we can all agree on!

Here is a round up of the six most notable changes to golf rules for 2019:

Flagstick in Cup graphic

1. Flagsticks

Golfers may leave the flagstick in the cup when putting! While some golfers may choose to go with tradition and remove the flagstick, keeping it in the cup can help in the following ways:

  • The flag helps with alignment
  • Statistically, more putts will go in the cup if they catch a piece of the flagstick
  • It makes it easier to tap in those two footers after a nice chip!
  • It helps speed of play when around the greens

Try keeping the flag in during your next round and see how it can improve your game!

2. Out of Bounds - local rule

When you lose a ball, you may drop a new ball anywhere between where the original ball was believed to come to rest, or where it went out of bounds, and the edge of the nearest side of the fairway. Just make sure that the dropped ball is no closer to the hole!

If you take this option, you must add 2 strokes to your score but you can play on instead of going back to the tee to hit a provisional that you could potentially lose as well!

Double Hit Graphic3. Double Hits

Do you ever accidentally hit the ball TWICE in one motion?! Whoops! In the past golfers had to take a penalty stroke whenever the ball was struck for a second time while in the air. But with the new rules, no additional strokes will be added to your score--you simply play the ball from wherever it ended up after that dreaded double hit!


If this is a common issue for you, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from the Fletcher Cameron Golf Academy can help! ;)

4. Accidental Ball Movements 

Have you ever taken a few practice putts on the green and accidentally moved your ball? Well, you are in luck because golfers are no longer penalized when they unintentionally move their ball on the greens. Instead of taking a penalty stroke, golfers simply move their ball back to it's original position, and take a little extra care when lining up for their next practice putts!

5. Sand Shots

There are two new rules when it comes to sand:

  • Instead of trying to slash out of a really difficult bunker, the golfer may choose to play the ball from outside the bunker instead. This will cost a two-stroke penalty however it might be worth it!
  • There is no penalty for accidentally touching the sand before doing your bunker shot--however you still cannot test the condition of the sand before your shot

Searching for Ball Graphic
6. Pace of Play

There are two new rules that directly impact pace of play:

  • Golfers are allowed 3 minutes to search for a lost ball (not 5 minutes as it was in previous years) This one is particularly important when playing our tight, tree-lined fairways!
  • Players cannot take longer that 40 seconds to play a stroke


There you have it, 6 (but kind of 8) new rules for golf in 2019! We hope that these not only help improve your score, but regulate the course's pace of play, and enhance your overall golfing experience! See you on the course soon!



Have you ever played a golf course in the hot summer months and noticed that some areas look a little brown and dry? Fear not! This isn't from neglect; it's strategic and (mostly!) on purpose, with a little help from Mother Nature of course. Here are two reasons why:

1. Irrigation:July at Redwoods Golf Course

Having certain areas of our golf course get dry and "brown out" was actually planned during the initial design and construction of Redwoods; many golf courses tend to adopt similar practices. When mapping out where the irrigation would be and how far it would cover, our topmost priority was and still is given to playable surfaces of the course: fairways, greens, and tees. We want these areas to be looking and playing their very best, even in the toasty summer months. Our irrigation is therefore focused on these areas, which allows lesser important areas, like the rolling hills separating holes, to go without significant amounts of water and ultimately leading to less unnecessary water usage.

2.  Turfgrass Types:

There are thousands of species of grass which have differing characteristics enabling grasses to thrive in different environments. The turfgrass that we allow to brown out is actually a species which is perfectly capable of surviving with very little water. Areas of the course, outside of our typical irrigation and not a priority playable surface, were strategically planted with a turfgrass that can better survive long periods of dry weather--the typical Lower Mainland summer drought for instance!Golfer teeing off hole #11 at redwoods golf course

Both practices of intentional irrigation planning and the planting of different species of turfgrass can be seen on the rolling hills that separate Hole #1 from Hole #18, and Hole #18 from Hole #11. While some may argue that the hills between #11 and #18 are in play (yep--that's where my tee shot goes too!) it is an area that wasn't originally intended for a well-placed drive. Our irrigation in all of these areas is focused on the fairways on either side of these browned out hills to reduce water wastage. We have also chosen to plant fescue grass on these separating hills which have the dual purpose of withstanding these long summer droughts and browning nicely to create a beautiful contrast between the bright greens of the pristine fairways and the golden browned hills between.

Next time you see dry, brown areas on the course, you know that the grounds crew isn't being lazy--the grass is meant to look that way, so book your tee time! 

#18 green at redwoods golf course getting watered in August 2018

Thanks to Cameron Watt for providing the details for this post!

Dog laying down on a Redwoods Logo matLove to golf and spend time with your dog? You can put your two favourite hobbies together at the Redwoods! We are very happy to announce that we are a dog-friendly facility! That’s right, no more guilty feelings when you leave Spike at home while you enjoy an afternoon on the course!

Book a tee time for any time, bring your pooch on a leash, and come on out for a day on the course with your faithful four-legged friend! Enjoy a post-round snack and a refreshing beverage on our patio overlooking the 18th green because Fido is welcome there too!

Simply keep your pup out of the bunkers and off the greens, and pick up anything they may have left behind… and everyone will have a great time! We invite you to read our full Dog Policy before the first round with Buddy to learn more about our on course dog etiquette expectations. 


Dog playing in a sprinkler on Redwoods golf course

To celebrate, we are inviting golfers to bring their dogs to the course on Friday, June 29th 2018 for our Dog Days of Summer event!

There will be treats, there will be complimentary poop bags, and we are hoping there will be plenty of dogs! Simply book a tee time for any time on the 29th, let us know that you are bringing your dog, and we will have a goodie bag ready for you!




The Offer Locker

Redwoods Golf Course LogoHave you downloaded the Redwoods App yet? It's a great way to get the most out of Redwoods! It has an update on course GPS which shows distances to hazards & greens, as well as can help you plan the perfect layup! Use the app to keep score and it will track your round history and calculate your average scores based on past rounds. Show the app to the Golf Shop at check-in and you will receive a loyalty punch which will help you earn FREE golf!


We now have a brand new way of giving back to our loyal App users: The Offer Locker!

With the Offer Locker, you can get a value of over $50 in added bonuses when you golf with us this summer! The Offer Locker features a selection of one-time use vouchers which are only available to golfers with the app. We will be adding to this throughout the year so make sure you check back for new offers!

How do you use it?

On the main page of the app, you'll see a button saying, Offer Locker. Once you enter your name and email, you will get access to all of our app-only offers! For signing up for the offer locker, we will give you a complimentary medium bucket of balls to use at the range anytime! Each offer in the app (other than the sign-up bonus) is valid on certain days. On the day a voucher is valid, show the offer to the Golf Shop at check-in, or the restaurant/concession shack when applicable, and they can redeem your offer!

On Course GPS
Score History
Offer Locker

What can you get?

June 18th & 20th: Free coffee & muffin before your round

June 28th: Free hot dog at the turn

July 6th: Free bacon & egg breakfast sandwich before your round

July 16th: Free sleeve of Callaway Supersoft golf balls

July 23rd - 25th: $10 power cart per rider


We at Redwoods pride ourselves on customer service; we strive, and empower our employees, to do whatever it takes to ensure our guests' experience is top notch. This year we were humbled to receive the Award for Service Excellence at the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce 20th Annual Business Excellence Awards.

The Redwoods Golf Course App LogoFor 2017 we have decided to take our customer service and experience one step further: let us introduce the Redwoods Golf Course App! From maintaining a scorecard history to providing an on-course GPS that helps identify hazards, to giving the ability to book a tee time right from the palm of your hand, and giving access to our brand new customer loyalty program, the Redwoods App was built with our loyal customers in mind! The App creates an even better all-around experience for our valued guests; it creates another platform for communication between Redwoods and our customers, as well as provides our guests with easier access to Redwoods from the very device that so many people spend their days on.

We invite you all to download the app from the App Store or the Google Play Store and check it out! Anyone who downloads the app and joins the App Loyalty Program will get 20% OFF their next round at Redwoods from now until the end of May! Experience Redwoods in a way you didn’t think possible. Download the app today to start seeing Redwoods in a new way!

Redwoods golf course iPhone app with Icon

  • Earn FREE Golf 
  • Maintain a Scorecard History
  • On Course GPS
  • Book a Tee Time
  • And Much More!