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Hole 5 Rebuild

After nearly one and a half years of pipeline construction, we are thrilled to be in the starting stages of rebuilding parts of the golf course, starting with the fifth hole! Pipeline construction is just finishing up on the upper portion of our golf course on holes 9, 10 and 11 but we have been given the go-ahead to start working on certain areas of the lower portion of the golf course. Hover over or click on the images for more details on when and where the photos were taken.

The Rebuild

The pipeline route crossed from in front of hole 14 green (left of hole 5) and cuts directly across the width of hole 5 just beyond the red tees. From this area in front of the red tees, they used massive machinery to feed the pipeline from our property underneath 96th Avenue to the other side of the road. To do this they built a large platform of gravel and dirt upwards of six feet high which is where the large machinery sat. It was a pretty crazy operation. 

As of June 2023, all of that extra material has been removed from the fifth hole and now our contractors can begin rebuilding! The hole needs a lot of TLC with a brand-new fairway including drainage, irrigation, topsoil and turf. We will also be rebuilding a brand new red tee deck because the dirt piles in the pipeline photos below are sitting right on top of the old red tee deck. Whoops!

So far we have reshaped the area to look a lot more like a golf course, added in all of the necessary drainage, installed all new irrigation, and applied the topsoil. Now we are waiting on the turf which should arrive in early July! 

Update July 2023

Project complete! The turf arrived and was fully installed in early July. We have been battling some irrigation issues, intense heat and no rain but we are still in the lead and we are thrilled to say that this first section of course rebuild is fully complete! Now we give it some time and lots of water while we wait for the new turf to mature.

Hole #5 Redwoods

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Fifth Hole Enhancements

In addition to repairing the area where the pipeline crossed between the red tees and the 150-yard marker, we also made some adjustments to the end of the fairway closest to the green. If you played with us way back in the day, you may recall that the end of the fairway on hole 5 used to join the apron. Unfortunately, the dip below the green came to be a wet area that was difficult to maintain as a fairway. Over the years, we pushed the end of the fairway back further from the green and turned the middle area into more of a rough. During the pipeline closure, we had some extra time, so we removed the old turf and soil in front of the green, reshaped the area, added drainage, irrigation and sand, and returned the fairway to its originally intended size!

Hole 5 end of fairway, Redwoods Golf Course

 Last updated: June 14, 2023

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