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2021 Golf Course Enhancement Updates

The 2020 winter was wet... and not just a little wet. We saw a much higher than average rainfall all winter long. At the same time, we had an extremely high volume of golfers on the course. This combination took a huge toll on our golf course and to be totally honest, it needed some love!

Fast forward to early 2021: we identified a number of spots around the property that were in dire need of some upgrades and the Redwoods Turf Care team set to work making magic happen out on the course!

Over the next few months we laid over 70,000 square feet of beautiful green sod, and applied 1,600 tonnes of sand in these projects alone! To say that it was a busy spring would be a bit of an understatement. Keep reading to learn more about a few of the areas that we tackled this spring!

Hole #4 Rough

You know the spot to the right of the fairway where you lose your ball as it rolls into the ravine? We fully repaired this entire area including new soil and sod. But you probably shouldn't be here anyways!
Hole 4   Hole 4 complete

Hole #9 Green Surrounds

This area around the green was often a little soggy in wet weather so it got brand new drainage, soil and sod. Now it's looking and playing great!

Hole 9 complete Hole 9 complete

Hole #10 Tee

The area around the tee boxes on hole 10 was another spot that tended to get and stay wetter than we would like. New drainage, soil and sod to the rescue!

Hole 10 complete Hole 10 complete

Hole #14 Corner

When you try and cut the corner on 14 you have quite possibly lost your ball in this exact clump of trees. To help you out, we removed the brush from under the trees, levelled the area and added soil and seed. The area now gets mowed regularly so the next time you try to cut the corner, your ball might just be findable!

Hole 14 corner Hole 14 corner

Hole #14 Green Surrounds

The slope beside and behind the 14th green had a tendency to stay wet all year round. This made maintenance tricky when combined with the severe grade of slope. We smoothed out the area to make it a bit more forgiving, and we added drainage, soil and sod! Now you hopefully won't lose your ball in any wet, unruly rough!

Hole 14 Green hole 14 green complete

 Hole #15 Tee

You know the shortcut between #14 green and #15 tee box? This area was in very rough shape and in serious need of some TLC STAT! We removed the top 8 inches of turf and soil, then added a bunch of brand new drainage, soil and sod to complete the renovation perfectly!

Hole 15 Hole 15   

If you know anything about golf course maintenance, you know that it never endsas soon as you finish a project, another needs your attention! We still have a long list of areas that will also be getting upgrades such as drainage, soil and sod or areas that will be regularly aerated and topdressed with sand to continuously improve drainage and overall turf health over time. It's safe to say that it will be a very busy winter! That being said, we are extremely proud of our Turf Care team and thankful for all the hard work they put in this season to get the course in better shape than ever before!

Thanks Team Woods!

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