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    Booking & Cancelling Info


When booking a tee time online, the credit card entered will automatically be preauthorized for the full cost of the reservation. The charges will appear on your credit card on the day of the tee time reservation. If you were intending to pay with a gift card, use a complimentary pass, or if you have someone with a different green fee rate playing in your group (ie. seniors or juniors) adjustments can be made to your reservation in the Golf Shop at check in.

Checking in with Preauthorization

  1. To check in, please have ONE person from your group proceed to the Golf Shop
  2. If any of the above changes apply, the cost of the tee time will be adjusted appropriately
  3. The person who booked the tee time's credit card will be charged with the final amount of the entire booking, including all green fees and power carts, and a receipt will be provided if it is needed

Under no circumstances will we accept separate payments for a green fee or power cart rentals.

Booking Privileges


Golfers 60+ will receive senior green fee rates Monday - Wednesday, excluding holidays.


Twosomes can book a tee time any day after 2:00pm, 30 days in advance! If a twosome wants to play earlier than 2:00pm, they can call the Golf Shop after 3pm the day before they wish to play ie. If you want to play Sunday morning, call the Golf Shop at 3:00pm Saturday and we will do our best to accommodate your booking. If you are cancelling from 3 or 4 players down to 2 players, these twosome rules apply. See the below section on cancellations for details. 


Singles can book for the same day of play, or after 3pm the day before they wish to play by calling the Golf Shop.


Advance Booking Fee

Any tee times booked 13-30 days in advance are subject to a non-refundable Advance Booking Fee that is to be paid online via credit card at the time of booking. This Booking Fee is in addition to the price of the reserved green fees; this is not a deposit. The Booking Fee is not refundable under any circumstances including tee time cancellation or inclement weather. The only instance that may warrant a refund of an Advance Booking Fee is the unlikely event of a course closure due to extreme conditions such as snowfall. Learn More.

Tee times booked 0-12 days in advance are complimentary.


We accept cancellations to bookings up to 48 hours prior to a tee time. If you cancel a tee time with at least 48 hours notice, there will be no charges incurred. Golfers may not cancel their reservation with less than 48 hours notice; a golfer that cancels their reservation with less than 48 hours notice will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to the cost of the original booking. If the course is unplayable due to weather or other circumstances you will not be charged for your booking.

Cancelling players from a tee time (adjusting a tee time)

Adjustments to reservations can be made up to 48 hours in advance of the tee time as long as the adjustments fall within the Redwoods booking and playing privileges listed above. If you book a foursome but cancel two players, you have now booked a twosome and fall under the booking privileges of a twosome. Twosomes may book to play after 2pm up to 30 days in advance. If a twosome would like to play prior to 2pm they must call the Golf Shop the day before they wish to play after 3pm and they will be able to reserve any available tee time. If a golfer cancels their foursome and turns into a twosome, Redwoods reserves the right to move the tee time to a later spot that falls within the booking privileges or cancel the tee time all together. Alternatively, the twosome can pay the cost of the entire foursome to keep the tee time spot.

To cancel or make changes to your booking, please call the Golf Shop:



No Shows

If you fail to show up for a tee time made in your name, the credit card on file will be charged a No Show Fee equivalent to the cost of the original tee time reservation. If you show up with less people than originally booked for with less than 48 hours notice, you will be charged for the entire cost of the original reservation.