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    Water Policy

With the growing trend of drier and hotter growing seasons, The Redwoods Golf Course has been implementing new and improved ways to conserve and use judiciously our most valuable asset - water.

The Redwoods Golf Course extracts water from an aquifer which is 560 ft. below the earth surface. Water is delivered from the aquifer to our ponds through a very precisely calibrated automated system. A computerized central control system draws the water from the ponds and delivers a precise amount needed for the plant in each turf/soil type without any wastage or excess.

water policy - view of the pond in the golf course

We currently make use of three separate technologies to ensure this conservation of water and judicious application is actually carried out.

  • Newer chemistry in wetting agents (these allow the soil to retain or hang on to the water in the soil longer).
  • Moisture meters that can not only tell us if we actually need water but also forecast for the next day or so as well.
  • New technology that can change the physical properties of water to provide us with a more consistent and uniform soil drenching effect compared to using untreated water.

The irrigation system is constantly maintained and adjusted (newer nozzles, changing of arcs and distribution on a per head basis.) We consistently strive to apply the least amount of water possible to maintain a healthy standard of turf. Trying to grow and maintain a healthy and durable turf eventually requires less input and is more environmentally compliant.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information regarding our irrigation systems and policy, please contact Peter Szarka (Course Superintendent) at 604-882-9710.